Tyres & Wheel Alignment


We stock a wide range of tyres which can be fitted while you wait and usually without an appointment if we have the correct size in stock.

You can also book a SAME OR NEXT DAY tyre fitting appointment here by choosing this link above or below. 


We have a state of the art automatic tyre machine which ensures that the wheels of your vehicle will not be damaged during the tyre changing process.


It is recommended that you have your vehicles’ wheels aligned:-


  • Every 12,000 to 15,000 miles

  • When you have been involved in an accident or collision

  • When you have hit a pothole or a kerb

  • When you have your tyres changed

  • When you have any suspension or steering parts replaced on your vehicle

  • When you have been advised to do so


Please ask one of our qualified technicians for advice on wheel alignment, it doesn’t take long and it can be easily done when your car is with us for a service or repairs.  At the end of the check, you will be given a printout of the before and after readings which show any adjustments which have been made.